Client Services




Organizational Evaluation on Readiness for Global Readiness

To review product specification and application competence in compliance to global, regional and/or local standards; To review organizational performance on skill matrix of people and relevant processes to support end-users; To review after-market support to ensure products are effectively supported to ensure up-time during and after warranty period; To review revenue service (skills, tools and parts) are secured/available off-warranty period.


Organizational Competence Evaluation and Assessments

To review in detail of organizational SWOTS; deep dive on critical processes and systems; review decision making process against authorization matrix; Preliminary result will be shared preparing for project launch: Seek management buy in & group support; to conduct Change Management Briefing; supervisory staffs and stake holders (dealer/customers) interviews; Mid-stream Briefing (Status update and directional discussion).


Product Competitiveness and Industry Standards Compliance

To review manufacturing processes from sourcing to delivery; process flow tracking; suppliers qualification and values alignment; design with service life projection in mind; application competence; market positioning.


People Skill Matrix

To identify business requirement against organizational competence; evaluate job description of management positions; provide general management and functional training as required; In search of executives to fill key positions.


Systems, Processes and Authorization Alignment

To review process flow of business transactions in identification of short comings; to review authorization levels in key positions’ alignment for efficient decision making.


Distribution and Channel Management

To review distribution model; advise on strategic country to penetrate first with which model (direct or via distributors); to develop the local market (strategic alliance selection); to incorporate client's corporate structure to maximize operational and tax benefits.


Positioning, Branding and Market Recognition

To review and manage market perception of clients in business community; through SWOT analysis and corporate vision to map out targeted position; generate long term strategic plan with detailed footprints in achieving the market position.




Financial Due Diligence

Financial System Review & Implementation



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