Our Advantages




Blue Ocean Strategy incorporated in Hong Kong, a matured worldwide recognized financial center with all business professional services available. It would be an ideal place for IPO issuance and public listing. All financial transactions with multiple currencies can be transacted in Hong Kong for Chinese Enterprises that have global operation.


Blue Ocean Strategy’s multinational experts with decades of China experience, understand how things work in China, their diverse functional expertise enabling them to work hand-in-hand with the Chinese clients. For global operation, with their global exposure, they could lead the Chinese clients to adopt the right culture, take a win-win approach in engaging the business with local communities.


Last but not least importance, our entire team at Blue Ocean Strategy has the passion to see China to succeed in a platform beyond China. We have the will power, expertise and ethical mind set in conducting our services, offering inside-out approach to our clients from the board room to customer contact level, helping them to succeed globally. Achieving mutually agreed strategic plan, operational goals and revenue targets. Our service will result in improved performance and profitability to our clients and in strategies acceptable to local business communities to gain global recognition, to avoid unnecessary rejections and/or sanctions.



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Telephone:(852) 3757 9589E-mail:info@blueoceanstrategy.com.hk